Importing Ethiopian Coffee

10 Aug , 2014  

The purchasing of Ethiopian green coffee beans can be accomplished either through an established importer or trader in your area or the coffee can be purchased directly from an Ethiopian exporter.

In the first scenario, smaller quantities can be purchased in lots as small as a few bags of 60 kilograms. Buying directly from an exporter generally involves a much larger commitment; in this case the contracted quantity can be as high as 20,000 kilograms of green beans per container.


Currently Available Coffee For Export

Currently we have a line of exporters ready to ship different types of Ethiopian coffee upon placement of order as per the buyers specifications.

If you are interested in learning more on these coffee types that are available for export from over a dozen farmers association and ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) certified exporters you can contact us with the following address and we will get you detailed information about the type, quality and quantity of the coffee available for sale.

Importing Through Kaldi.biz

Kaldi Biz Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Import Export Marketing and Consulting Mobile Phone: +251 91-163-94-70 or +251 91-162-33-83 ; Email:kaldi@kaldi.biz or kaldi.biz@gmail.com