Coffee Daily Prices from ECX: are in Birr/ Feresulla

10 Aug , 2014  

Import Ethiopian Coffee

Currently we have a line of exporters ready to ship different types of Ethiopian coffee upon placement of order as per the buyers specifications.

If you are interested in learning more on these coffee types that are available for export from over a dozen farmers association and ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) certified exporters you can contact us with the following address and we will get you detailed information about the type, quality and quantity of the coffee available for sale.

Importing Through Kaldi.biz

Kaldi Biz Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Import Export Marketing and Consulting;Email:kaldi@kaldi.biz or kaldi.biz@gmail.com

The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange(ECX) is an organized marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together to trade, assured of quality, quantity, payment, and delivery. The Exchange is jointly governed by private-public Board of Directors.
Here is the Daily Coffee Price from Ethiopian Commodity Exchnage
| 1 Feresulla= 17Kg Stock Position

ECX Edges

The ECX design is unique in that it integrates the entire “eco-system” related to the market, spanning the central trading system, warehouse delivery centers, product grade certification, clearing banks, an arbitration tribunal, a market information system linking rural sites, remote electronic trading centers, and a secure data center to manage membership and market information. An over-arching legal framework and a government regulatory agency ensure the viability of this entire integrated environment. This integration enables a country such as Ethiopia, where none of the individual components may exist as stand-alone institutions, to mutually support and reinforce the ECX market objectives.

How ECX Works

The first of its kind in Ethiopia, ECX is a national multi-commodity exchange that provides low-cost, secure marketplace services to benefit all agricultural market stakeholders and invites industry professionals to seek membership enabling them to participate in trading.
ECX promotes and enables the following market services:

Market integrity, by guaranteeing the product grade and quantity and Operating a system of daily clearing and settling of contracts.
Market efficiency by operating a trading system where buyers and sellers can coordinate in a seamless way on the basis of standardized contracts.
Market transparency by disseminating market information in real time to all market players.
Risk management by offering contracts for future delivery, providing sellers and buyers a way to hedge against price risk.