About Kaldi Biz 

10 Aug , 2014  

Ethiopian Organic Arabica Coffee Exporter

An international trade specialist with Ethiopian coffee exporting experiance works with you on a confidential, one on one basis to help you plan and implement your coffee import strategies from Ethiopia.

We, at Kaldi Biz have the potential to deliver all types of Ethiopian coffee variety that are traded on Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Floor. In Addition to green coffee beans, we do also provide roasted coffee of different types.

Kaldi Biz is an Ethiopian company involved in exporting Organic Arabica Coffee from Ethiopia.

In addition to exporting coffee from our partner-farmers, we provide consulting and brokerage service for foriegn companies who are interested in Ethiopian coffee.

Our Global Marketing strategy, which is powered by highly sophisticated and efficient Internet Marketing toolsets, has been tested and worked efficiently on various commodity and stock trading; now deployed to deliver potential coffee growers and exporters in Ethiopia, especially those with limited access to international market opportunity.